Desire… Plan… Share… Your Way To Wealth And Well- Being

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Living in a highly complex and unpredictable world that becomes increasingly competitive and pricey in this new age of economy, many times our dreams have been reduced to just keeping the bills current and our jobs secure. How things are as you see them in today’s world can be less desirable and exciting than what you had hoped, wished or gained in the past. From one angle, our life experiences when we were growing up as children can be a good reminder of how we truly grew as a person, our imagination ran free with pure ideas and thoughts of what we think of this world and what things we desire to have or create in life, but unfortunately, life itself changes and becomes more complex as we grew older, our personal responsibility in daily life adds up, many of us can no longer find enough time and space to follow our true desires – to discover, to learn, to grow and to take action driven by our free imagination – as much as we were able to in those early lives, meanwhile slowly as time passes, we all turned to adults, and then (without realizing) our adolescence’s rhythm of reality begins to set in and take control of our life.

The real world where you are at this moment, it does not need to remain your future.

At TriVita, we believe the desires fueling our purpose in life are meant to be lived and fulfilled. You can rekindle your desire for achieving wealth and wellness. You can live out your life’s purposes by helping others enjoy greater wellness and wealth with the help of TriVita. There is nothing more powerful than a burning desire connected to a purpose in life.

TriVita was founded not merely as a company that serves people’s needs of better wellness and prosperousness, but as an expression of what Michael Ellison – the founder – describes : his burning desire to help people just like you find vibrant health and riches. Not just for you, but for you to share your newly discovered reality with others and advance the wellness and wealth mission of TriVita.

The consistent delivery of excellent product and service quality on product effectiveness, customer service, wellness coaching, product pricing, member reward programs, wellness magazine, payment processing, packaging, shipment and other parts of business process is accomplished from day to day as a result of continuous adjustments and improvements that are rooted in TriVita’s management leadership on reaching, seeking, looking and dreaming of how to better serve each of its customers. Dreaming has been something we have done since opening the door at TriVita. Our big dream is that a lot more people will experience total wellness.

One profound wisdom that becomes an inspirational foundation of TriVita’s vision and mission is the Law of Reciprocity. TriVita perceives that when you give a valuable product or service to mankind, you will be rewarded in abundance. Believing and trusting this law allows the company to focus on the services and products that truly make a deep impact on people’s complete health. TriVita was instituted to share the faithful belief of its founder about living a life of purpose at which point we can live more abundant life and fulfill the purposes in our life when we have the wellness and wealth.


How Do You Measure Success

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The Mission
If you could lend a hand… Would you?

While so many of us struggle to lose weight and achieve wellness, countless children go hungry in poverty-stricken conditions. Here, at TriVita, we decided to do something about both problems—at the same time!

We call it the LeanForward school meal program. It’s a way to help you achieve your weight loss goals while “paying it forward” too. Every time you purchase a package of our Nutritional Shakes, you’re providing 20 nutritious, non-genetically modified (non-GMO) meals to hungry children.

It’s that simple. And that powerful.

With the resources of two food processing plants — one in Mozambique and one in South Africa — we can process food ingredients into balanced meals ready for distribution. And soon, LeanForward Food Drops will begin in North America, helping those affected by poverty in our own backyard.

Bobby Brown Independent TriVita Business Owner ID: 13121490


Welcome to a new world of wellness and wealth

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Welcome to a new world of wellness and wealth…welcome to TriVita!

In 1999, having experienced a health crisis that impacted the quality of his life and caused him to pursue wellnes, Michael Ellison dreamed of starting a company that could make a real difference by helping people experience wellness. He dreamed of a company that could empower people to fulfill their life purpose by sharing wellness with others. By combining the reach of media with the power of one-to-one interaction, today, his dream is a reality through TriVita.

The TriVita Difference

We’ve been proponents of wellness since day one. We take pride in how we inspire others to experience overall wellness, and welcome you to take advantage of the opportunity to create wealth for your life purposes. At TriVita, everything we do is based on our mission and designed to benefit you. We’re committed to doing the best-of-the-best and providing the best-of-the-best. We support you by providing you with:

Right Products
Quality and Value! Our products are right from the start. We support optimal health because of the special care we put into our products. Following our 10 Foundational Values, all of our products feature physician-approved formulas, unique nutrient delivery methods, natural ingredients and third-party testing and certification. This is the type of quality you can trust.

The Right Mission
Helping is a way of life for us at TriVita. Since our inception in 1999, we’ve dedicated our efforts to making a difference in people’s lives—yours and those less fortunate. Through our non-profit organization, House of Giving, we’ve launched programs involving the Red Cross, Life Outreach International and Faith House. Now through LeanForward, our food feeding program, you can be sure that every time you purchase a package of  Nutritious Shakes, you’re providing 20 nutritious, non-GMO meals to a hungry child.

The Right Opportunity
We want you to have the kind of prosperity that will enable you to pursue your own life purposes and reach a greater level of financial freedom. The ITBO opportunity is a way of generating a stream of income while simultaneously bringing wellness to the world. With our Compensation model, dynamic business tools, training suite, and the Online Wellness Store, we’ve made it that much easier for you to do both

Have any companies that you have worked with in the past acquired the Customers for you? TriVita Does!

Did that company do the Customer Follow Up? TriVita Does!

Did that company handle the Back End Marketing? TriVita Does!
Did that company send Full Color Catalogs and Special Offers to your Customers on a regular basis? TriVita Does
Has that company been in business and paying on time for over 15 years? TriVita HAS!!
If you answered NO to any of these questions, then it’s time for you to get into business with a GREAT company . . . like TriVita!

Join us, and be a part of our community, on a journey together, embracing greater wellness, wealth and optimal living.

Bobby Brown Independent TriVita Business Owner: ID: 13121490


Media Acquisition Program (MAP GX-30).

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Wouldn’t it be great to find

  • a company that helps you find customers through the power of media?
  • a company dedicated to offering monthly support for your customers’ “purchasing power” with online shopping and product catalogs?
  • a company that offers generous loyalty programs to help drive customer purchasing activity and value?
  • a company with a wellness-focused medical center for those customers who truly want to overcome health issues through optimizing their wellness?

There Is One: TriVita

TriVita’s Media Acquisition Program (MAP)

When it comes to creating wealth for your life purposes, TriVita’s time-tested Media Acquisition Program (MAP) could be the opportunity you’ve been looking for! TriVita’s “braided” approach to successful living is the concept behind how the company and our Independent TriVita Business Owners work together to acquire media contacts and TriVita customers that could generate monthly residual income for you.

TriVita CEO Michael Ellison uses the profound example of the “braided rope effect” to show the power of synergy: A rope of three braided strands has significantly more tensile strength than the three strands individually. Similarly, combining TriVita’s three primary business drivers – personally acquiring new customers, generating new customers through MAP, and recruiting new ITBOs to do the same – creates synergy and a powerful opportunity for sustained growth.

A time-tested marketing system that attracts and retains customers

TriVita’s highly-integrated marketing system is time-tested and has been fined-tuned to attract customers to TriVita. Customer retention is extremely important as well. That’s why TriVita has a comprehensive back-end marketing system. ITBOs help support TriVita’s marketing efforts by personally enrolling new customers and purchasing media contacts who may become customers through the MAP program. The company, in turn, creates the marketing materials and programs to service the customers, resulting in compensation for ITBOs on future customer product purchases.

TriVita advertises superior quality wellness products through a variety of media outlets including television, radio, print, direct mail and digital marketing with a strong web presence. Funded by the ITBOs who participate in the MAP program, this advertising generates media contacts and new customers every month. This strategic alliance between TriVita and ITBOs represents a primary element of the company’s “braided effect” and unique business model.

A strategic MAP program that is simple and self-energizing

When an ITBO joins the company, they have the option of purchasing media contacts through TriVita’s MAP Reservation System. For a specific cost per media contact, an ITBO can qualify to receive future compensation that is generated from future product purchases.

Every time a media contact (Member/Customer) orders TriVita products in the future, the ITBO who purchased the compensation rights to the media contact receives a generous 50% First Sale Bonus and a percentage of the revenues generated from ongoing product purchases\

The cost per media contact paid by the ITBO goes directly to fund customer acquisition media expenses and marketing efforts to create brand awareness and increased company visibility. ITBOs also advance the mission of TriVita by generating new customers through personal referrals. All personally-acquired customers are linked to the ITBO for future compensation.

A service department that enhances the ITBO experience

TriVita’s Business Services department (TBS) is the most valuable resource for ITBOs. We have a dedicated staff of trained consultants available to answer questions and provide valuable information about TriVita’s business model and MAP program. TriVita provides websites, marketing resources, business building tools, and daily support to help ITBOs achieve success.

We invite you to participate in our MAP program — and see how this unique business system and TBS can work for you!

Bobby Brown Independent TriVita Business Owner: 13121490


Now is the time to take action!

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Harness the power of a booming, trillion-dollar growth industry! Starting today, join thousands of others just like you who have aligned themselves with TriVita — a trusted international wellness company with superior quality products, a proven business model that leverages the power of media, and a comprehensive marketing system with all of the business tools and support you need to succeed!

Timing is critical in business and with 75 million baby boomers in North America over the age of 50, “healthy-aging” and “running out of money after retirement” are serious topics that dominate the media… and impact the economy!

In fact, the economic impact of baby boomers in North America represents the third largest economy in the world, and according to recent statistics, 74% of people in North America age 55 plus purchase and consume dietary supplements! This confirms that Baby Boomers want to enhance their personal wellness and wealth so they can continue to maintain their standard of living and quality of life through healthy aging.

What better time than NOW to position yourself on the leading edge of this trillion dollar growth industry! Experience greater wellness — and greater wealth — as an Independent Business Owner with TriVita!

Bobby Brown Independent TriVita Business Owner: ID: 13121490


Remove The Kinks From Your Mind

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God never expresses Himself other than perfectly. Therefore, whatever imperfection does exist, it is always the result of our individual or collective modes of thinking. Since this is true, it is not necessary that you hold onto anything, “for fear of losing it.” In fact, the truth is, you will never truly enjoy anything you must hold on to, because freedom in all negative areas of your life is absolutely essential if you are to grow into the truly great human being who you are quite capable of one day becoming.  Stated slightly differently, we can say that energy must flow through you freely without any obstructions, if you are to achieve the good which you desire.

At this point you may be asking, “What are these obstructions?” that I have been referring to. Let me list some of them. They include doubt, guilt, resentment, and any thoughts of lack or limitation. They include any negative ideas which have a tendency to block the flow of creative energy, to and through you. For example, you might very well be attempting to get a beautiful image in your mind, which would cause you to feel wonderful, and yet because of these “inhibitors,” as they are sometimes called, you end up with nothing but frustration.

Your problem—whether you realize it or not—is that you haven’t created the space for the beautiful image which you are trying to create. Therefore, you must resolve yourself to let go of all of these obstructions, to enable you to make a space for the good you desire.

You should visualize your body as being an instrument through which a nonphysical, creative energy flows. You should liken it to an ordinary garden hose, which you may be using to water the garden at the back of your home. Suppose, for a moment, that you decide to water the flower-bed in the front of your home. In order to accomplish this, you must drag the hose to the front of the house. But while you are dragging it, suppose that you form a loop in the hose and as you pull on it—unbeknownst to you—it kinks.

Although there is an abundance of water at the source, the water will just be trickling out of the hose, a drop at a time, onto the flower bed. The reason for this is that the kink is obstructing the flow of the water, which could, if it were allowed to flow freely, actually breathe new life into the plants.

In a similar manner, these negative concepts which you hold in your mind are obstructing the flow of energy which could, if it were given a chance to, breathe new life into you and into your results in life.

In the case of the garden hose, you would immediately investigate to find the cause of the interrupted flow of water. Once you found the kink, you would then proceed to remove it, so the water could resume flowing freely in a steady stream.

Now, be aware of this—the process that I have described for the garden hose, is exactly the same process that you must undertake, yourself, with respect to your marvelous mind. That is to say, you must let go of all of the obstructions that are hampering you—release the mental kinks—and you will immediately find that there is no lack of creative energy at the source. In truth, there never has been any, and there never will be any. The mental kinks which you have carelessly—and very likely— unconsciously built, are actually limiting the flow of the life-giving power which ultimately transforms your results in life.

Bob Proctor


Guard Your Mind

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You must guard your mind constantly against doubt, because it is a crippling vibration. Whereas most of the preceding pages have been dedicated to the power of positive thoughts (namely, the building of the image of prosperity), doubt is the flip side of the coin (i.e. negative thinking). And, when you are entertaining doubts, what you are actually doing is creating images of the things you don’t want. Moreover, justifying your doubt to yourself by originating reasons for it (i.e. rationalizing), will do you absolutely no good. You cannot strike a bargain with your subconscious mind, because the subconscious has no sense of fairness, no sense of humor, and it cannot even determine what is good or what is bad for you. Every image just IS, to the subconscious mind. Therefore, your negative, worrisome and doubtful images will be accepted just as quickly and as willingly as will your images of prosperity. The instant you become aware you are entertaining thoughts which create doubt, become quiet, start relaxing and image yourself already in possession of the prosperity you desire. When you do this, you are altering the mental current which is flowing into your marvelous mind. Expect, with all of your consciousness, to receive your good in your material world—“You think in secret and it comes to pass, environment is but your looking glass.” James Allen wrote those words three quarters of a century ago, but they are still true today and they will always remain true in the future. So program your “personal computer” to expect good results and that is exactly what you will receive. Many people today live their entire lives on the basis of “seeing is believing.” That is to say, the only images they get emotionally involved with are the ones they can discern with their physical senses. But the individuals of real “vision”, down through the ages, have always known the overriding principle is, “What you see is what you get.” Expressed somewhat differently, what this means is that the images in people’s minds actually precede the concrete images which pervade our material world. Therefore, you should be aware of the fact that the fascinating physical world we see before us, with all of its conveniences for making our lives more comfortable, has been built largely by image-makers—men and women of vision who knew what they could do and “Expected” everything else to “fall into place,” regardless of what their critics might say to the contrary.

Bob Proctor

Excerpt From ” You Were Born To Be Rich”



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