The power of purpose

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I believe one of the most powerful things a person can do is find purpose and meaning in their lives.  AND, it is happening everywhere.  People want more than just material things in their lives or even more than just a job.  They want meaning and purpose.

Occupy Wall Street is a leaderless resistance movement with people of many colors, genders and political persuasions.  The one thing they have in common is that they are the 99% that will no longer tolerate the greed and corruption of the 1%. This is not just an American movement; it is moving globally.   It is people who have found a purpose bigger than just  themselves.  The Tea Party movement is perhaps more organized but has the same inner longings.  We must not be fooled by labels and titles but instead recognize people’s inner longing and desire to find meaning and purpose.

This deep inner longing is present in both the younger and older generations. It is also why the mission and vision of TriVita is so much a focus of our lives and messaging.  If you follow much of what comes out of Madison Avenue you would think we all desire money with sun, sand and sex. But I think the world is moving far more towards the inner satisfaction of connecting to purpose, with the well-being of the Earth and those who live here being in balance.  We see the results of corruption when power and greed are the driving force.  I would like to encourage each of you to embrace and explore the inner longings of your life for purpose and meaning.  Be intentional, be passionate about living it!!  It is the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

That is what the power of purpose does in our lives with TriVita.  It causes us to rise above what may appear as our present reality and gives us hope for a much brighter future in serving our fellow man with valued services and products that will help them experience a greater quality of life.  Many of you have found this.  You have written me of your life transformation.   They shared with me how their lives were full of such significance and well-being now that they embraced the purpose of TriVita’s mission.

Talk purpose, share purpose, get groups of people together and discuss purpose.  It is an inner urge today in many people seeking more than what appears obvious. They want more than just a job to pay the bills and for buying material things that do not satisfy the inner being. This is a rising tide of purpose that has energy, momentum and potential!!!! If we can raise up thousands of people who are passionate about wellness and offering valued services and products, we can make a huge difference in our world.  We (humanity) must change the way we think about health.  It is not treatment but holistic and balanced living that creates a greater state of health and well-being.

Pursue purpose with intention and passion.  You have much to offer…learn to present it so it is valued by others!

Michael Ellison


Law of Intention

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A new law I would like to share today is the Law of Intention. I define this truth as taking deliberate action to apply focus, resources and belief towards an intended result. Much material has been written about goal setting and manifesting intense desires, but I think the Law of Intention even takes it beyond those two powerful forces available in our lives.

To illustrate this truth or what I prefer to call a law, if we were to ask a farmer if he has a goal to harvest his crop we would get a yes. But, do you have an intense desire to harvest a crop? No doubt we would get a very strange look and perhaps a response, “not only do I have a goal and a desire for a harvest, I INTEND to harvest a crop!” Every action taken by a farmer is with intention and a deliberate action of focus, resources and belief to ensure a harvest. The farmer knows that not every seed planted germinates, or in the case of this year’s drought does every intended harvest result in a bumper crop, But it never changes the INTENTION of a farmer and the actions of preparing the soil, planting the seed and maintaining the equipment for the intended harvest.

Now, how does that apply to you? Do you have goals in life you would like to achieve? Are their desires both hidden and expressed you would like to see manifested. I mention hidden as deep within us are desires we do not express because they seem to unachievable, or we don’t like to appear foolish to family or friends in discussing them.

What I would like to inspire you to consider is to apply the Law of Intention to achieve what you have as a desired goal in your life. Take deliberate actions to apply focus, resources and your belief for the intended result. As you take these steps daily in your life you will deliberately and intentionally move towards the fulfillment of the intended result. The plans will become clearer, the intentions will reveal new ideas and ways of solving any objection or problem that may stand in your way of achieving the intended result. The intentions will attract others to help you with the intended outcome.

One last word. Many people wait until they have the plans and the resources to ensure a desired result. While waiting they get distracted and yes even sometimes self-indulgent, waiting until the plan and the resources are evident. Life is full of these distractions and self-indulgent opportunities which cause us to seemingly escape the consequences of ignoring the laws that are there for our good. We put aside those hidden desires, those goals that seem unachievable and wait, wait and wait for something to happen. But I would like to encourage you to follow the Law of Intention, to take deliberate actions to apply focus, resources and belief to an intended result as it will guide your behavior to get you what you INTEND in your life.

Michael Ellison



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The important purposes in your life give you the ultimate drive to build wealth and pursue wellness. If you don’t have a burning desire within you, you simply won’t end up at the destination goals of wealth and wellness.

Neither wealth nor wellness happens by accident. Neither is easy to gain.
Neither is achieved quickly. It takes intense desire to stay focused and
motivated month after month, year after year.

Furthermore, your intense desire must be linked to a purpose— something that is truly important to you. Many people have deep and intense agitation, frustration or fantasy wishes. That is not the same as an intense desire related to genuine purpose. When you deeply desire to achieve something that you believe has high value, you will do all that it takes to create wealth and achieve wellness.

Without intense desire you will compromise in every area of your life just to get by. The person without intense desire is apathetic towards life in general. He or she will always gravitate toward the easier way, the quick fix or the hope of overnight success. Genuine wealth and wellness require intention, endurance and effort.
Every person is born with strong desires. At first, those desires are expressed in simple ways—we desire to be fed, to be comfortable and to be held and loved. Every baby is born with a desire for discovery and, very soon, every child develops a strong desire to receive praise and adulation. A baby delights when his or her behavior brings positive feedback—a smile, a round of applause as he or she takes their first step, a special hug when he or she utters their first word. The child takes these desires to school and very quickly learns that his or her desires don’t seem to matter nearly as much as their conformity to the desires of people in authority! Increasingly, teachers and parents seem to mete out rewards when their standards are met and punishment when their desires and standards are not. Some call this the maturing process. In reality, it is more often a process of squelching the deep innate desires that people have to express themselves in ways that are personally fulfilling, to pursue goals that arepersonally defined and to enjoy the satisfaction of personal accomplishment.

When you live only to please others, life becomes a daily grind. You get caught up in competition that produces few winners and many losers. You look for rewards and accomplishments that are easy to attain and less likely to lead to failure. You search for accomplishments that others will recognize and appreciate.

In the end, one who follows this path loses sight of his or her unique desires and purposes. If there is no purpose for living, the mind sends a signal to the body that it is time to shut things down and prepare to exit life’s stage. This is a proven biological fact. The cycle of life begins with intense desires to live a life of personal purpose and, in the cases of “natural causes” for death, life ends with little or no desire or purpose. That is why people with little purpose in their lives feel as if they are dying inside, even if their body is living.

Awaken your innermost desires! Renew your innermost sense of purpose! Fan the flames of your desire and purpose into a roaring fire. Your need for wealth and wellness and your ability to build wealth and achieve wellness will grow in direct proportion to the size of the bonfire in your soul to accomplish something of value that you deeply desire.

Michael Ellison


Your Intense Desires

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“Desire is the starting point of all achievement,” Napoleon Hill wrote in his book Think and Grow Rich, after studying the lives of the wealthy for 20 years.

Two thousand years before Napoleon Hill, Jesus made desire a precursor to prayer, saying, “Whatever things you desire, when you pray, believe that you receive them and you shall have them.” Those who have passion in their souls to create and contribute something of great value to mankind have a desire that motivates them day in and day out through good times and bad.

Desire is the critical and most important key in your pursuit of those things that truly matter to you. Why is this true?

Desire gives you the focus you need to overcome life’s distractions and failures. A focused person will seek to pursue a goal with single-minded intensity. Most of us struggle to tune out competing voices that fight for our time, energy and talent. Desire turns vague dreams into laser-beam goals.

Desire gives you the necessary fuel to overcome anything that saps your energy. Everyone faces trials and failures. Most successful people admit to periodic setbacks on their journey to wealth. Failures tend to deflate us. Defeat diminishes motivation. If you have intense desire, however, it compels you to get up and keep fighting. It fuels your drive to move forward and overcome any setback or obstacle. Desire is directly related to motivation— the more intense your desire, the greater your motivation.

Your intense desire to fulfill meaningful purposes in your life will attract the wealth you need to fulfill them. When you have a desire that burns hot enough in your soul and a purpose that is greater than yourself, you have a genuine need to attract and build wealth.

Many people today have lost sight of their desires. They no longer know what they deeply want. Or perhaps they have never really given serious thought to what they deeply desire or what they consider to be their purpose in life.

Desire Lies Beyond A Wish Or A Hope

Desire is rooted in something you believe to be important. To say, “I wish I were wealthy,” or “It would be nice to be wealthy,” does not express desire. They are whims. Desires require effort, and people only work for what they believe to be truly important.

Many people will buy a lottery ticket in hopes of getting wealthy. It takes little effort and not much money and, to be sure, somebody does win each lottery. Wealth obtained by luck isn’t wealth tied to desire. Thus, it is wealth that very often evaporates quickly. In fact, many lottery winners end up losing their wealth and finding only misery. There is no fulfillment or lasting joy related to quick-win wealth because there is no purpose attached to it. In the end, the wealth does not last because it is not tied to something that the person truly values.

Desire Lies Beyond The Pursuit Of Money

What about the desire to be rich merely for the sake of being rich? That is not wealth rooted in purpose and you should not pursue it. Just being rich is rooted in taking from life and hoarding, not giving to life and creating. History has examples of numerous people who pursued money, became rich and ended life disappointed and empty. Why? Because they never linked purpose to wealth.

It is purpose that gives satisfaction. Money is merely the tool that helps establish and expand a person’s purpose. Always keep in mind:

Money isn’t the goal. Rather, PURPOSE compels the need for money.

Michael Ellison


Building Wealth

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Building wealth is not a matter of greed. It is not a matter of luck or inheritance. Nor is it a matter of just income or portfolio-building. Building wealth is possible for every person who is willing to work hard .

At the outset, I offer you this definition of wealth: Wealth is having the abundance of resources necessary to fulfill your life purposes. The pursuit of wealth, therefore, should be a natural outflow of your pursuit of purpose. It is rooted in your individuality and deepest desires.

First, wealth is a tool. It is a means to an end. There is nothing innately good or bad about money and nothing innately good or bad about possessing wealth. Wealth allows you to do—to accomplish, to achieve, to establish, to create—what you desire.

Second, wealth is attainable by all people willing to pay the price of building it. Wealth is not the entitlement of only a few people. Genuine wealth can be obtained by all people who deeply desire it and implement the right strategies to achieve it.

Third, wealth is unlimited. Wealth is like an artesian spring that bubbles up with an unlimited supply of water. Wealth is available to all who truly desire it and do the right things to tap into it.

Fourth, wealth is available in direct proportion to the things that give meaning to your life. No matter what it is that you deeply desire to accomplish, sufficient wealth is available to fund your pursuit of that purpose.

The most important question you can ask yourself is: “Why do I need wealth?” Is it to pay your bills? To live? Or to just get by? If so, you don’t really need wealth. You just need a job that produces a little income. The bare necessities of life don’t cost all that much.

The person with purpose beyond mere existence and self-centered goals legitimately needs wealth. For that person, wealth exists in abundance. There is no shortage of resources and no limit to what might be built or created.

The pursuit of wealth requires you to live from the inside out. And that is not how most people live. Most people are caught up in meeting external needs and hoping that as they meet those needs, they will have inner feelings of fulfillment. Rarely, however, does a person feel a sense of deep satisfaction and personal fulfillment by only meeting external needs. Living from the inside out means that you decide why you are on this earth, and out of those answers form goals for living out and accomplishing your life’s purposes and deepest desires.

I challenge you today to reconnect with what is really important to you. Rediscover what you hope to accomplish in your life that will benefit others beyond yourself. Rekindle your desires and your sense of purpose. These are the starting blocks for building wealth.

Michael Ellison


Painful Emotions Can Become Toxic

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The bad news is that many people don’t recognize they are holding on to toxic emotions. At times, some people don’t really want to be free of these negative emotions. They become accustomed to anger, hate, revenge or shame and have no idea what it would be like to be free of these feelings. They suspect that the wrong done to them might never be righted or punished if they let go of their emotions. Just as a person might hold a criminal physically captive, many people hold on to a persecutor emotionally, with the idea that he or she will pay for the wrongdoing.

The good news is that you can be free from toxic emotions. The cure is called forgiveness. Giving and receiving forgiveness are essential to wellness.

One of the best working definitions of forgiveness is this: Forgiveness is letting go. It is releasing negative hurts and heartaches, releasing the emotions associated with painful experiences and releasing from the prison of your heart the person who inflicted pain on you.

Forgiveness is not saying that the negative experience never happened, that it was not painful or that it was wrong for you to feel pain. Forgiveness is not denial. Forgiveness is not saying that everything is okay. Forgiveness is not glossing over a wrong and saying that it doesn’t matter. Forgiveness is not saying that all claims to justice need to be laid aside. Wrongs should be righted or compensated. Negative situations and relationships should be healed and reconciled. Justice should prevail. In some cases, perpetrators or abusers need to be arrested, charged and convicted in a court of law. Compensation for losses and retribution may need to take place.

Apologies should be spoken. There’s just one catch. You are not the person who can usually make things right. It takes two to reconcile. It takes a higher authority to administer justice. You do not have control or authority over the person who hurt you.

Only God can change their heart, convict them of the wrong they have done or bring them to the justice they really deserve (and to the place of mercy that they don’t deserv

Forgiving is letting go. It is saying, “I choose not to carry negative and toxic emotions in my heart any longer. I choose to release them. I choose to release the memory of this situation from my mind and release the person who hurt me from the dungeon of my heart.”

Why is this important? Because as long as you are holding on to something negative, you cannot receive something truly positive and helpful into your life!

If you contemplate revenge, you cannot simultaneously think creative, productive, wholesome, enriching and honorable thoughts. If you harbor hatred, you cannot feel love, either. If you bear anger, you cannot be an instrument of peace at the same time. If you hold on to an old, painful memory, you will do very little to create a new, beautiful memory. If you cling to an old, hurtful relationship, you will do little to open yourself up to a new, loving relationship.

You must let go of pain in order to receive what will genuinely improve your well-being and happiness.

Forgiveness is an act of the will. It is a first step in the right direction.You may not arrive at perfect peace and joy instantly, but you can start in that direction right now and continue the journey until you arrive.

Another person doesn’t need to know that you forgive them or that you want to be forgiven by them. YOU are the one who needs to know that you have forgiven and released the issue so that it’s no longer an issue. Forgiveness is primarily for YOUR sake.

Forgiveness is a process, not just a moment. Start today and enjoy the journey toward a life in which you live in complete forgiveness of others and yourself.

Michael Ellison



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If you are free and have a sense of wellness, I would like to invite you to join me in audacious living to fulfill our life purposes. I want to finish my blog by quoting from one of the most inspiring little books you can read. If I could say it better I would but this is great. I highly recommend “Rhinoceros Success” by Scott Alexander published by Lampo Press. Here’s an excerpt from chapter 4 titled “Be An Audacious Rhino”:

“You are audacious! Your audacity makes you the charging rhinoceros that you are. This is what separates you from the cows and sheep. You are daring! You are adventurous! You are recklessly bold! You are a charging, not-afraid-of anything rhinoceros. You have guts! You have nerve! You have backbone!

Every day you wildly charge through the jungle having the time of your life. You don’t ask for anyone’s permission. You just plow through, knocking down anything that gets in your way. The jungle floor vibrates and the trees shake as you boldly charge through.

GO FOR IT is your motto. You shout it at the top of your rhino lungs every morning. You are not afraid of falling because you know that nothing can hurt you with your two-inch thick skin. The worst possible thing that can happen to you is that you will get killed, and death is a negligible incident in your life. Everyone dies, even cows and sheep. Why worry about that? Your future accomplishments are what excite you.

Today you might be in the depths of depression, but tomorrow you could be at the heights of ecstasy. You love adventure! Jack London’s verse really captures your damn-the-torpedoes, rhino spirit: I would rather be ashes than dust. I would rather that my spark burn out in a brilliant blaze than be stifled by dry rot. I would rather be a super meteor, every atom of me in magnificent glow, than a sleepy and permanent planet.

Choose to be audacious. Have an audacious attack every day. Success is audacious. Be bold and go after it. Develop your audacity skills. Do things that take nerve. Don’t be obnoxious or make a jackass out of yourself but do every daring thing necessary to reach your goals. Every goal, every dream, every great project requires audacity. Aggressive, audacious, charging rhinoceroses succeed.


I would like to add that you are free and independent to pursue your purpose in life!! Charge!

I hope to see many of you at the Galaxy of Stars. It is going to be the greatest yet as we are going to charge our lives with an audacious goal of getting one million people to take the Nopalea 60-day Wellness Challenge by GOS 2013. Supermodel Cheryl Tiegs will be there Saturday to share her vision and goals to lead the charge. Quality of life is not an entitlement, but it is worthy of being pursued. That is our charge… to live and help others live with physical, emotional, spiritual and financial wellness.


Michael Ellison



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